The COVID-19 pandemic brought a new picture in which educational systems had to implement distance education models. This also meant that the production of data increased exponentially, so AI systems became vital to measure this huge amount of information.

The main purpose of this project is to define an EU system for the data collection for AI, that can assist and simplify the process self-assessment of basic digital skills in continuous professional training, C-VET, and using results produced by this AI by educators to build tailor-made training courses/learning paths.

Its results are aimed to make digital technologies more efficient for learning and teaching purposes, but also for helping educators and students to develop relevant digital skills for the digital transformation we are living. The project is not only aimed to introduce AI in the learning process, but also to encourage SMEs to use it in order to make their processes more efficient, by providing them the know-how from larger companies and universities. Therefore, this project is about contributing to an inclusive digital transformation exploiting the Artificial intelligence to build tailor made learning paths
to improve digital skills of trainers, learners and SMEs workers in C-VET.